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Rigid Tipper Aluminium

Aluminium Tipper Trucks. Strong and Light.


Aluminium Rigid Tipper Truck bodies are widely used for 'soft loads' such as sand, soil and grain. For the same structural stiffness, there is a significant weight advantage when using aluminium for these applications. This, of course, translates into either higher weight capacities or lower fuel costs (as well as reduced tyre wear).

Aluminium although very strong under load, is not very hard, therefore the surface can be scratched by abrasive materials. This means that aluminium is not ideal for loads including hardcore, scrap and agency operations where the type of load can alter widely. However, Gorski can install what they call 'Rock Sheets'. These panels stop hard, sizeable loads actually impacting on the sidewalls, protecting the aluminium. These sheets have a good lifetime, and can also be replaced in sections at a later date if they are badly damaged by accident.

Download pdf here for Rigid Tipper Aluminium Specifications